10 Most Advanced Vehicles In The World – Introducing The Future Cars

Published on Aug 7, 2018
10 Most Advanced Vehicles In The World – Introducing The Future Cars

If you want to see the most advanced vehicules that represents our future vehicules and cars , then this video is for you.Some of these concept cars will be in our roads in a near future.

Everyone loves a look into the future of vehicule and cars, and in today’s cars world, there seems to be fierce competion between internal combustion engines and electric motor powered cars .

Transportation began with horses and after cars appeared early in the 1900s. With time, they evolved to become what we know today. But, cars in the future will be self driving and different from what we know today. Not only self driving cars will disrupt the society forever,but flying cars will also have a big impact too.

So what are the vehicules and cars of the future ?
In this video, we answered this question.

10- Iveco Z Truck
9- BMW Mottorad Vision
8- Devel Sixteen
7- Ehang 184 – Flying car
6- Mercedes F-015
5- Toyota Concept I
4- BMW Vision Next 100
3- Chevrolet FNR
2- Renault Float
1- Mars Rover 2020

These cars represent the future technologies we will see very soon.

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