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Priest (2011) – The Vampire War Scene (1/10) | Movieclips

Movieclips Published on Aug 23, 2018 Priest – The Vampire War: The bloody history of the war between humans and vampires. BUY THE MOVIE:… Watch the best Priest scenes & clips:… FILM DESCRIPTION: In a society ravaged by centuries of war between humans and vampires, a legendary warrior priest (Paul Bettany), a veteran […]

Grayson: Earth One Series Premiere (Nightwing fan film)

P3Series Published on Jun 2, 2013 Thanks for watching our special Premiere double episode. This is a non profit project made purely for exhibition. Series Synopsis: “Grayson: Earth One’ is the re-imagined origin story of the hero known as Nightwing/ Richard Grayson. The series takes place in a new continuity on a new Earth separate […]

Static Short Film: Trailer | By David Kirkman

David Kirkman Published on May 28, 2018 As his dad runs for city mayor, Virgil Hawkins struggles with finding his place in the world and his new found superpowers. Everything is put on the line when it’s discovered some of the city’s gang activities are directly connected to those in power. Change is NEVER easy […]