FINDING PARADISO – EP 2 – English version

Published on Feb 23, 2016
Episode : Having abducted Hana from her adoptive family, Michiko is on the run from the law when she runs out of gas. Hot in pursuit is Atsuko, a police sergeant and acquaintance of Michiko’s from childhood, and the one who put her in jail in the first place.

A Stylish Escape Caper – Let’s Samba !
Michiko is a stunning escaped convict with lethal looks and a Deadly disrespect for the lawmen trying to hunt her down. Hatchin is a hapless orphan pushed to breaking point by the sadistic spawn of fiendish Foster parents. On their own, thèse chicas are nothing more than a Yin Searching for its Yang, but when fate – in the form of a mysterious hombre from their past – brings them together, the world better Watch out!

With the future Dead-ahead and la policia hot on their heels, Michiko and Hatchin burn rubber through exotic locales where danger lurks around every corner. It’s two against the world in this sun-soaked, latin-tinged tale of a partners in crime who won’t stop running till they chase down a dream.

Titre original : Michiko e Hatchin
Episode 2 : “”Okite Yaburi no Buraun Shugā” (掟破りのブラウンシュガー)
Crédits : MICHIKO TO HATCHIN ( FINDING PARADISO ) © 2008 manglobe / Caliente latino

Finding Paradiso – Episode 2 : The Brown Sugar Outlaw

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